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The objective of the All River Valley Youth Football Team is to recognize top Varsity players in the River Valley Youth Football League. We want to bring the League together as an organization. Awards will be presented before the Varsity Super Bowl game. We hope that family and friends will come to the Super Bowl in order to honor these young football players on their accomplishment in the League. Thank you to Carl Allegretti, Frankfort Falcons President 2004-2008 for starting this great award for our Varsity players.

2012 All RVYFL Team
Offense QB Bourbonnais Bears Tyler Howell
Offense RB Bourbonnais Bears Ryan Jankowicz
Defense CB Bourbonnais Bears Jace Pettet
Defense DE Bourbonnais Bears Austin Piwoni
Defense MLB Bourbonnais Bears Matthew Rafe
Offense TE Bourbonnais Bears Jack Stam
Offense RB Bourbonnais Bears Wyatt Tobeck
Defense DT Bourbonnais Bears Damien Williams
Defense CB Frankfort Falcons Black Sean Maloney
Offense RB Frankfort Falcons Black Brett Melby
Offense FB Frankfort Falcons Black Payton Ortiz
Defense LB Frankfort Falcons Black Alex Panning
Defense S Frankfort Falcons Black Quinn Ruiz
Offense QB Frankfort Falcons Black Max Shafer
Offense OT Frankfort Falcons Black Jake Taylor
Defense NG Frankfort Falcons Black Zachary Tencza
Defense DB Frankfort Falcons Blue Connor Alexa
Defense DL Frankfort Falcons Blue Luke Bragiel
Offense OL Frankfort Falcons Blue Evan Hould
Offense QB Frankfort Falcons Blue Jake Jansto
Offense OL Frankfort Falcons Blue Nick Marietti
Offense WR Frankfort Falcons Blue Jeremy Nelson
Defense LB Frankfort Falcons Blue Peter Ostrowski
Offense OL Frankfort Falcons White Sam Diehl
Defense S Frankfort Falcons White Chris Kaminski
Offense WR Frankfort Falcons White Ian McCormick
Offense RB Frankfort Falcons White Nigel Muhammad
Defense LB Frankfort Falcons White Jake Polka
Defense DE Frankfort Falcons White Dominic Russo
Offense QB Frankfort Falcons White Chase Walsh
Defense LB Frankfort Falcons White Lucas Weaver
Offense OT Joliet Raiders Julius Garrett
Offense RB Joliet Raiders Anthony Lincoln
Defense CB Joliet Raiders Tony Paramo
Defense DE Joliet Ravens Josh Durrly
Defense CB Joliet Ravens Isaiah Hill
Defense OLB Joliet Ravens Johnny Holman, Jr.
Offense RB Joliet Ravens Jazontae Howard
Offense WR Joliet Ravens Martez Malone, Jr.
Offense TE Joliet Ravens Justen Miller
Defense DT Joliet Ravens Nathaniel Sanders
Offense OT Joliet Ravens William White
Offense RB Lemont Hornets Egan Berta
Offense RB Lemont Hornets Bret Bolin
Defense DT Lemont Hornets Jordan Brown
Offense QB Lemont Hornets Logan Christopherson
Defense LB Lemont Hornets Jacob Kirkman
Offense G Lemont Hornets Franco Letizia
Offense T Lemont Hornets Nicholas Ostrander
Defense DT Lemont Hornets Trace Rakow
Defense LB Lemont Hornets Austin Schaffert
Defense CB Lemont Hornets Ben Villwock
Defense OLB Manhattan Patriots Eric Brzowski
Offense G Manhattan Patriots Aydan Delaney
Offense RB Manhattan Patriots Blake Evans
Defense FS Manhattan Patriots Alex Gray
Defense OLB Manhattan Patriots Nick Healy
Offense WR Manhattan Patriots Vinnie Schroeder
Offense QB Mokena Jr Griffins Luke Angel
Offense RB Mokena Jr Griffins Nicholas DeGregorio
Defense LB Mokena Jr Griffins Jack Mansmith
Defense DT Mokena Jr Griffins Samuel Torres
Defense LB Mokena Jr Griffins Jason White
Offense WR Mokena Jr Griffins Emilio Zendejas
Defense DB NL Jr Knights Jack Grove
Offense C NL Jr Knights Eric Hypke
Offense TE NL Jr Knights Joe Kolavo
Defense LB NL Jr Knights Colin Mahoney
Offense OL NL Jr Knights Niko Muto
Defense DL NL Jr Knights Marco Petinato
Defense LB NL Jr Knights Cal Pohrte
Offense WR NL Jr Knights Jake Ridgeway
Offense RB NL Jr Knights Joe Slager
Defense DE NL Jr Knights Joe Wieher
Defense LB NL Jr Warriors Hunter Campbell
Offense QB NL Jr Warriors Jake Dudek
Defense LB NL Jr Warriors Joe Dunlap
Offense OL NL Jr Warriors Alex Gerlock
Defense LB NL Jr Warriors Robert Noga
Defense DB NL Jr Warriors Austin O'Connor
Defense DL NL Jr Warriors Mateo Probst
Offense OL NL Jr Warriors Ryan Robbins
Offense RB NL Jr Warriors Joe Schloegel
Offense RB NL Jr Warriors Trey Telez
Defense MLB Orland Hills Wolves Cody Butler
Defense DT Orland Hills Wolves David Fischer
Offense FB Orland Hills Wolves Brett Kozek
Offense RB Orland Hills Wolves Joey Krutilla
Defense OLB Orland Hills Wolves Nathan McFadden
Offense QB Orland Hills Wolves Ryan Summers
Defense CB Ottawa Eagles Ben Blackley
Defense LB Ottawa Eagles Jerron Fisher
Defense DE Ottawa Eagles Eric Fox
Defense Special Teams Ottawa Eagles Kris Gerkitz
Offense TE Ottawa Eagles Sam Hettel
Offense QB Ottawa Eagles Sam Holtzman
Defense LB Ottawa Eagles Peace Keeley
Offense FB Ottawa Eagles Karter Lowery
Offense C Ottawa Eagles Trent Miskell
Offense RB Ottawa Eagles Adam Poundstone
Defense   Romeoville Spartans Cristian Barillas
Offense   Romeoville Spartans Noah Bogdan
Defense   Romeoville Spartans Marcus Hayes
Offense   Romeoville Spartans Adam Hayes
Defense   Romeoville Spartans Michael Mata
Offense   Romeoville Spartans Edson McCurrie
Defense   Romeoville Spartans Steve Montanez
Offense   Romeoville Spartans Alex Szymankowski