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Ottawa Eagles Youth Football and Cheerleading
proudly hosts the
2012 RVYFL Super Bowl
on Sunday, November 11th
at Ottawa H.S.

Game Times are as follows:

SLW 12:00 pm #3 New Lenox Jr Warriors vs # 5 Manhattan Patriots
LW 1:45 pm #1 New Lenox Jr Warriors vs #2 Morris Warriors
JV 3:30 pm #1 Frankfort Falcons White vs #3 Frankfort Falcons Blue
Varsity 5:15 pm #1 Ottawa Eagles vs #3 Lemont Hornets

Please note: LW, JV and Varsity game times are approximate!
Please arrive early in case the games run fast.  Times are estimates.  Games begin immediately following the previous game. This does not apply to the first game of the day.

Click here for directions.

The ALL RVYFL Team will be announced before the start of the Varsity game.  Come on out and see who wins these awards as our top varsity players are recognized throughout the league.

Official Super Bowl Customized Apparel
Win Win Sportswear will provide customized apparel for each of the teams to purchase.  We will be on hand to produce, customize and sell all of our items on Sunday but if you pre-order before Sunday, you will get a lower rate. 

Pre-order prices are $18 t-shirt, $25 long sleeve, $35 hoody

At Game prices are $20 t-shirt, $27 long sleeve, $38 hoody.

The following link will take you to the online store set up just for the event: http://winwinsportswear.com/category/113/river-valley-football-championship.aspx  

We have the official store up for the championship. There are multiple colors available in hoodies, long sleeves and t-shirts. Don't forget these items will not be shipped them but in fact you can them up at the Win-Win Sportswear Sales Tent on Sunday during the Super Bowl.  Please bring in your order confirmation page or number.  If anyone has questions or concerns about colors, sizing etc. please call 877.694.6946 x 103 and speak with Chris Clemens.

Brian Jones Videography presents...
River Valley Super Bowl Memories. Brian Jones Videography is the offical videographer for the Super Bowl. Enjoy the live game and let us preserve the memories of your son's game in action to be viewed forever.  Click here to download an order form to order your Super Bowl game game DVD.  Click here to check out some of Brian's work also available on YouTube.  Brian has been part of the RVYFL Family for many years and has videotaped the last 2 RVYFL Super Bowls.  No other videographers will be allowed on the field on Sunday.  If you have any questions, please contact Brian Jones at   .

HR Imaging Partners presents...
Rivery Valley Super Bowl Memories.  HR Imaging Partners is the offical photographer to do the game day action and team photos.  No other photographers or videographers will be allowed on the field on Sunday. They each will have online stores to allow participants to purchase game and team photos.  Go to shop.hrimaging.com , click the “Now” button in the lower portion of your screen, and you will be directed to enter a zip code (61350), and Select “Other” from the education level drop-down list, and “Ottawa Eagles” from the School drop-down list.  From there you will able to view and purchase photos from the River Valley Superbowl.  Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-800-433-1766.

Ottawa HS rules
Ottawa High School is strictly limiting the number of people allowed on the field on Sunday.  There will be one entrance to the field and there will be security monitored.  There will be a limited number of passes provided to the coaches, trainers and water crew.  No children will be allowed on the field even if accompanied by a person with a field pass.  

Thank you to Ottawa HS for allowing us to host the Super Bowl at their great facility!

    Ottawa H.S.