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2017 RVYFL Playoff Brackets

Click here to view the FINAL 2017 RVYFL Playoff Brackets.  
Make sure you click on Team on the and the Level in the drop down box in the top middle of the screen to get the info you are interested in.

Please arrive early in case the games run fast.  Times are estimates.  Games begin immediately following the previous game. This does not apply to the first game of the day. Please keep checking for time/field changes.    

  1. VISITING TEAM for every game supplies a chain crew that will be on the visitor side. Visiting team is the lower seed. (i.e. #1 vs #8, #8 is the lower seed)

  2. HOME TEAM picks which side of the field they wish to occupy. The home team is the higher seed. (i.e. #1 vs #8, #1 is the higher seed)

  3. Weigh-Ins for the 1st game of the day is 30 minutes prior to the SCHEDULED online time.  Remaining weigh-ins are 1 hour prior to SCHEDULED online time. 

  4. Playoffs and Super Bowl – No SLW kickoffs. Regular season kick off rules for SLW will apply.  LW, JV and Varsity - Regular kick-off rules will apply during the entire game, regardless of score.  

  5. The "starting backfield" rule is in effect for all playoff games and Super Bowl.

  6. The 5th quarter will apply throughout the entire playoffs when applicable. 11 on 11 only between 2 teams. 

  7. The 5 play rule applies during Round 1 only. If a team refuses to play the 5th quarter, then their opponent does not have to follow the 5 play rule.  This is the same as during the regular season. This includes the regular season older lighter rule. 

  8. The 5 play rule will not apply after Round 1 and the remaining playoff games and the Super Bowl.  This includes the older lighter rule. 

  9. There will be trainers at all sites. 

Thanks to all teams that are a hosting a playoff round this year.  Good Luck to ALL Teams!

The standings page does not reflect the exact seeding order for the playoffs due to our league tie breaking rules.


  Playoff 5th quarters
  as of 10/10/17
  2017 Team 5th SLW 5th LW 5th JV 5th V
1 Bourbonnais Jr Boilermakers yes yes yes no
2 Chanooka  Braves yes yes yes no
3 Frankfort Falcons yes yes yes yes
4 Frankfort Square Wildcats yes yes yes yes - rd 1
5 Homer Stallions no yes yes yes - rd 1
6 Manhattan Patriots yes yes yes no
7 Morris Warriors no yes yes no
8 New Lenox Jr. Knights yes yes yes yes
9 New Lenox Jr. Warriors  yes yes yes yes
10 Orland Park Pioneers yes yes yes yes - rd 1
11 Ottawa Eagles   yes no no no
12 Seneca Fighting Irish yes no no no
13 Tinley Park Bulldogs yes yes yes yes
14 Tri-City Wolverines yes yes yes no

**5th quarter games are subject to change